Write For Us

If you are interested in contributing to The Leaflet, please follow these basic rules:

Your article must not have been published elsewhere.

Do not send it to any other publication once you have submitted it to us. The manuscript must accompany a self-declaration by the author about the originality of the manuscript. The self-declaration must also indicate whether the same has been sent for publication elsewhere.

To submit your opinion piece, you may mail the same in word document format along with a synopsis that states your central argument. This must be in italics soon after the headline. It just has to be a para or two. Please give hyperlinks wherever required as we do not have footnotes or references at the end.

Every article goes through an elaborate editing process that takes time and it is not possible for us to publish it as soon as we receive it. Usually, it may take three to four days or even lesser for us to publish depending on the number of articles we have at that moment.

Every article that is submitted goes through a plagiarism check.  Even if parts of it are plagiarised, it will not be used.

Please give a short bio of the author at the end.

Please attach a high-resolution photograph of the author.

The Leaflet likes to publish short analytical and distinguished opinion pieces of approximately 1000-1200 words. As a thumb rule, it must have an idea and central argument in the realm of law. We like simply written and well-structured pieces that can potentially convey the nuances of law with depth and skillful argumentation. Avoid legalese as we have readers who are not lawyers. It is a good idea to therefore explain legal issues and concepts.

We also like to carry explainers.

Submissions can be sent to [email protected]

The Leaflet reserves the right to edit the articles submitted to it to meet the requirements of our writing style and quality standards.